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Rental Application system
Credit reports sent to property manager
Ability to apply on different listings
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Streamlined screening workflow
Proactive screenings
Tenants credit reports
Branded listing website
Dynamic Listings
Insightful Analytics
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Is there a cost associated with using Eversa?


Absolutely not! Eversa is fundamentally free for landlords. The only expense involved is when tenants apply, as they cover the application fee. This fee includes the provision of credit reports to landlords, should they choose to request them. However, for landlords who prefer not to have tenants cover the cost of credit reports, the option is available to pay for it themselves through Eversa.

Are all features included in the free version?


Absolutely! Eversa is a completely free platform. There are no hidden modules or features restricted behind a subscription. Enjoy full access to all our powerful tools for vacancy management without any additional costs.

How does Eversa provide tenant credit reports for free?


Through the tenant's application process, they cover the cost of their credit reports, which are then seamlessly sent to the landlord at no additional charge.

What is the cost for tenants when they apply through Eversa?


The cost is flexible based on the landlord's choice. The base fee is $9.99, and any additional selected reports incur their respective costs. Landlords have full control over what aspects they want tenants to cover.

How much does Eversa charge landlords for credit reports?


Landlords can opt to have tenants cover the credit report cost. If landlords choose to pay themselves, the fee is $12.99, providing flexibility and choice.

Can landlords determine the fees charged to tenants?


Yes, landlords have complete control over the information they request. The base application cost is $9.99, plus additional fixed costs for selected reports. Landlords cannot add extra amounts beyond these fixed costs.

Are there any setup fees for using Eversa?


No, Eversa does not charge any setup fees. You can start utilizing Eversa's features without incurring any initial costs.

How do I get started with Eversa?


To kickstart your journey with Eversa, feel free to reach out to us! You can either give us a call, drop us an email, or book a meeting – whichever suits you best!

Is there a contract to sign up for Eversa?


No, there's no contract required since Eversa is free to use. However, a bit of paperwork is needed to get you approved for receiving tenant credit reports.

Do I need to install Eversa on my computer?


No need for installations! Eversa operates seamlessly through any internet browser. Just open your preferred browser, visit our website, and connect effortlessly through the user-friendly dashboard.

Can I integrate with third-party apps?


Absolutely! While Eversa currently supports various integrations, if the software you wish to integrate isn't on our list, have a chat with your customer success representative. We're always open to exploring possibilities and finding solutions that fit your needs.

What type of support is available?


Upon starting with Eversa, you'll be assigned a dedicated customer success representative. Eversa's team is also reachable via email and phone to ensure you make the most of the platform.

I already have a property management software; why should I use Eversa?


Eversa specializes in vacancy management, excelling at making your unit attractive and finding the best tenants. For other aspects like lease management and rent collection, your existing system can be seamlessly integrated with Eversa. We're open to working on integrations with your current system if not already available.

How does Eversa differ from other property management software?


Eversa sets itself apart by focusing exclusively on vacancy management. Our mission is to excel in showcasing your vacant units and finding the perfect tenants for them. We see ourselves as your dedicated marketing department, while other property management software handles the various other aspects. We're more than willing to integrate seamlessly with these systems to provide a comprehensive solution.

Can I use Eversa to collect rent?


No, Eversa doesn't offer recurring payment options for rent collection. Our primary goal is not to replace your existing property management software but to complement it. Eversa serves as an add-on, specializing in vacancy management and property marketing.

Does Eversa have an accounting module?


No, Eversa doesn't have an accounting module. Our main focus is on vacancy management and property marketing. We aim to enhance and complement existing property management software.

Can I decide whom I conduct credit checks on?


Absolutely! You have the flexibility to create application templates that exclude credit reports or selectively choose which units require credit reports. Eversa empowers you with control over the credit check process.

Can I use Eversa for all my different types of rentals?


Certainly! Eversa is incredibly versatile. You can craft multiple application templates tailored to different property segments, making it easy to manage various types of rentals within the platform.

I already have a website; do I need to use Eversa's listing website?


You have the option to retain your existing website and seamlessly integrate Eversa's listing module. However, our provided websites are designed with a mobile user experience in mind, enhancing accessibility for tenants searching for their ideal apartments on their phones. They're optimized for the convenience of mobile users, a feature often lacking in traditional property management websites.

Does Eversa offer custom work?


We are open to discussing custom requests and feedback. While we consider features within our current scope, we also build fully custom features for specific needs.

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